In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to play live with Ableton in a band or solo. The content learnt is relevant to all styles of music and each student’s unique live performance needs are taken into consideration.

Ableton Live is the world’s leading software for live performance and this course shows you how to get the best out of it. No prior Ableton Live experience is necessary and the course is especially structured to be fun and easy to understand.

Topics covered

  • Setting up your soundcard
  • Working with stems
  • Working with Scene & Follow Actions
  • Using APC40 and other controllers
  • Midi mapping controllers
  • Creating a performance template
  • Performing a set
  • EQ and FX’s
  • Song/File organisation & management
  • Syncing to drummers & band members
  • Routing external instruments & vocals

Course Details




Duration – 2 x 4 hours

Location – Archway, North London

Online – Skype/Google+

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