I have never used Ableton Live before, will that be a problem?

No.  No prior experience is necessary for our courses (unless stated otherwise) or private tuition.  We make sure to cover everything necessary for someone with no experience.

How does the Private Tuition work?

Private tuition is 1 to 1 tuition, with just 1 teacher and 1 student.  Any topic that the student wishes to learn can be covered.  Lessons are charged at an hourly rate. If the student would like to receive a group of lessons and work towards a specific goal this can be arranged – or – the student can keep the lessons less structured and decide what they want to learn in each lesson.

Do you have online courses?

The online course options we have are private courses, taught 1 to 1 (1 teacher & 1 student) via google+/skype.  Each class is taught in real time with screen sharing.

I have the Ableton Live Intro or Standard Version, will this be enough?

If you are testing to see if Ableton Live is right for you then the Intro version is a good, but limited option.  For both the DJ and Performance Courses and Private Tuition, the Intro version can be used. For the Ableton Beginners Course you will need the Standard version as the Intro is too limited.  The first lesson of the beginners course could be taught with the Intro version but you would need to upgrade to Standard for the subsequent lessons.

How can I make a safe payment for your services?

Safe and secure payments can be made via Paypal online.  For London based services payment can be made in person.

Which version of Ableton Live do you teach with 8 or 9?

We teach either version, depending on which version the student has.

Why should I learn Ableton Live, rather than Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, etc?

Each music program has different qualities, functions & strengths.  Ableton Live’s strengths are that it is one of the easiest programs to learn.  It is excellent for Live performance  & Djing.  It is fun to use and very musical.  It is the most modern and revolutionary of the music programs available.   It is equally professional and as good quality sounding as all the other programs.  It’s also great for creating all types of music and it is incredibly good for music production.

Can you advise me on what equipment I may need to get?

Yes, we’re more than happy to listen to your needs and advise you on what equipment or synths, VST’s etc would be a good option for you to achieve your goal.

What do your Music Producer Services entail?

We offer a separate service to Ableton Live training which is music producer/production services.  This is for people who would like an original track created for them, a remix of their song, or a producer to help develop/produce their song idea.  This may be for a media company that needs music for a TV show or ad, etc or a musician who wants their song remixed or edited etc.  We offer a large array of options in this area so please enquire if you have any questions.